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Under the Skin (2013)


Outstanding Writing in Drama: Charlie Kelly, The Nightman Cometh

im drinking wine and hanging with artsy queer ppl GOD i love nyc


avoidant: boy likes girl, girl doesn’t like anything

aromantic “it’s complicated” jamz

01// the frug rilo kiley
02// kiss me only with your eyes - future bible heroes
03// don’t wannabe / liked by you- julie doiron
04// goodbye- best coast
05// I cant make me- butterfly boucher
06// caring is creepy- the shins
07// it all feels the same- tennis
08// meaningless -the magnetic fields
09// liztomania- phoenix
10// dreaming without you- bleached
11// romance is boring- los campesinos!
12// all she cares about is mariachi- the magnetic fields